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  • “xScope by Iconfactory is a software tool I use on a daily basis at the studio.” – Apple product photographer Peter Belanger

Press Info

  • “xScope is a fantastic tool and it just got better, much better.” The Brooks Review
  • “It's a unique—and uniquely useful—tool.” 4.5 mice Macworld
  • “If your pixel-precision prowess doesn't have access to xScope, you're only knitting with one needle.” Doug Bowman - Stopdesign
  • “I was hooked...xScope has proved so immensely useful.” Paul Stamatiou
  • Jordan Moore ~ “xScope genuinely makes my web development easier.”
  • Chris Bowler ~ “A designer's swiss army knife.”
  • Apple product photographer Peter Belanger ~ “xScope is a small but very useful app.”
  • MacAppStorm ~ “Big Improvements to the Designer’s Best Friend.”
  • Veerle Pieters ~ “I use this app almost daily.”
  • IT Enquirer ~ “The tool of choice for mobile design.”
  • MacStories ~ “No matter what you design on a Mac, this tool is meant for you.”
  • Seth Dillingham ~ “What I hate about xScope is that I didn't have it when I started this project.”
  • Rands ~ “If 007's Q made software, it'd look a lot like xScope v3.”
  • Brandon Mathis ~ “Batman would use xScope.”
  • Sam Carlton ~ “After 30 minutes it's already replaced 3 browser based plugins. Worth every penny!”

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