Measure. Inspect. Test.

A powerful set of tools that are ideal for measuring, inspecting & testing on-screen graphics and layouts.

  • Mirror

    Effortlessly see your designs and applications on iOS and Apple Watch while you work on them from your Mac.

  • Text new

    A powerful way to search, decipher, and reformat text and character glyphs.

  • Dimensions

    Instantly find the dimensions of any on-screen element simply by rolling your mouse cursor over it.

  • Rulers

    Powerful on-screen rulers for precise pixel measurements that include scaling, rotation, and edge snapping.

  • Overlay new

    Check alignments, view mockups or display grids over your browser while you work on responsive designs.

  • Screens

    Inspect your usable screen real estate with dozens of templates for computers, TV’s and mobile devices.

  • Loupe

    Magnify part of your screen, copy colors and simulate how colors appear to users with vision impairments.

  • Guides

    Display vertical and horizontal guides that float on top of all else on the screen for easy alignment.

  • Frames

    Create, layout and adjust custom marker boxes that float on top of all other on-screen elements.

  • Crosshair

    Quickly and easily locate and align any point visible on the screen.

xScope is designed to work with Apple's Retina Displays.

  • “xScope by Iconfactory is a software tool I use on a daily basis at the studio.” – Apple product photographer Peter Belanger