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There are dozens of new features in xScope 4

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  • Hot key for Dimensions screenshot now also works for Overlay, Screens, Loupe and Frames
  • Hot key and menu setup moved to Access panel: better for MacBook Air with 11" screen
  • By default, the menubar is now displayed as a single icon (now that ten tools take up a lot of horizontal space)
  • SmartTools no longer steals keyboard focus from the app
  • Preferences window appears more quickly after first launch
  • Added a dark icon option for the Dock
  • xScope doesn't force discrete GPU on systems with multiple processors


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Requires the xScope Mirror App for IOS

  • Mirroring mode is saved across launches and automatically reconnects to Photoshop when Mirror is turned on
  • Added support for displaying the contents of files, image clipboard and Photoshop documents
  • Acorn image files are now supported


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  • Popup window with extended information about characters
  • Related character view showing alternate and composed forms
  • Quick copy and paste for large blocks of text
  • Full Undo and Redo support
  • Foreground and background colors for design work
  • Advanced search for code blocks and file contents
  • Shell integration for displaying characters from command line


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  • Now picks up solid colors more easily: helpful when working on "flat" designs
  • Improved edge detection, especially over gradients
  • Option in Preferences to adjust edge detection sensitivity


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  • Rotation delta setting moved to Rulers menu for easier access
  • New keyboard shortcuts to adjust the ruler by ⅒º, 1º and 5º
  • Added keyboard shortcut to toggle the square ruler (extension)
  • Ruler color can now be inverted, making measurements on dark backgrounds easier
  • Added alignment marks at ½, ⅓, and ¼ distance along ruler edge
  • Alignment mark for Golden Ratio can be displayed


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  • Option to display measurements as pixels, ems or points
  • Save and load grid settings for multiple projects
  • Opacity adjustment to tune Overlay display for your design and work environment
  • Adjustable colors for measurements and content
  • Options panel designed to "get out of the way" when working on your site


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  • iOS 6 measurements are still available for testing backward compatibility
  • Added screen templates for latest devices
  • New Dribbble preset in Preferences for taking quick screenshots


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  • New compact interface makes better use of screen real estate
  • Added a confirmation dialog before clearing color palette
  • Tooltips can now be magnified
  • The Loupe now follows the mouse while dragging
  • UIColor and other developer formats can now specify a float literal when copied to the clipboard
  • Added support for CSS hsl() colors
  • ACO files now include color name that shows when you hover over swatch in Photoshop
  • Added support for short hex color (such as #3fc instead of #33ffcc)
  • Loupe now shows mouse position on centerlines


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  • New preference setting to place controls on any screen edge
  • Create a new guide by holding down the Option key while dragging existing Guide


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  • Duplicating a frame now also copies the grid, spacing and ratio settings
  • Create a new frame by holding down the Option key while dragging existing Frame
  • Added 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8 and 9x9 grids
  • Preference panel now has option to always show origin


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  • The tool now follows the mouse while dragging
  • Added command line preference to make lines wider (for customers who use it as accessibility aid)

Bug Fixes

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  • The preferences window now remembers its last position and selected panel
  • Fixed display problems on Ruler when moving to a different screen
  • Ruler position indicators no longer appear when switching between "pt" & "px" setting
  • Fixed Guides/Frames problems after launching on a newly attached external display
  • Removed "Center Follows Ruler" since it no longer makes sense with multiple rulers
  • Fixed a drawing problem with ratio indicator on a Frame
  • Undo will no longer make the purchase window unresponsive in some situations
  • And more...