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There are over 70 new features in xScope 3

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xScope now works with the new Retina Display!


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  • Compatible with Lion’s new Application Sandbox guidelines
  • Updates download automatically via Sparkle or the Mac App Store
  • Re-engineered for use with Intel’s powerful 64-bit processors
  • Control-clicking on the dock icon now indicates active tools
  • Screenshots are now automatically saved in ~/Pictures/xScope
  • Re-designed and simplified preference pane layout
  • Improved built-in help including common tasks
  • Application-wide updated hot key controls
  • Improved Open and Save dialog boxes
  • Interface sounds now off by default


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Requires the xScope Mirror App for IOS

  • Multiple iOS devices can view the same window on a single Mac - great for demos or meetings!
  • Nudge the selected window one pixel at a time (useful on Retina displays)


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  • Improved performance when measuring photographs
  • Center pixel omitted so it can be used in conjunction with the Loupe


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  • Ruler angle measurements visible on light backgrounds
  • Ruler position indicators now ignore mouse clicks


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  • Displays screen and content sizes on the tool’s sidebar
  • Screen template overlays stack for easy reference with one another
  • Editing of screen resolutions in place with live feedback
  • Nudging via arrow keys (arrow = 1 px, shift-arrow = 10px)
  • Ability to snap screenshots from Screens
  • Collapsable sidebar for compact display
  • ⌘W to close window


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  • Hovering mouse over color palette entries shows tooltip with color value
  • Selected colors can be dragged into and out of the color palette
  • Added CSS3 rgb() and HTML names for displayed colors
  • Direct toggle control of gridlines and centerlines on the Loupe
  • Preference setting to adjust the format of the color being copied
  • Collapsable sidebar for compact display
  • Zooms up to 1600%
  • ⌘W to close window


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  • Measurements adjust automatically while dragging guides so they stay visible at screen edges
  • Adapts to new screen configurations automatically so guides don’t jump
  • Undo (⌘Z) for closed guides


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  • Adapts to new screen configurations automatically so frames don’t jump
  • Shift-arrow key moves frames in 10 pixel increments
  • Undo (⌘Z) for closed guides


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  • Position of crosshair always displays, even when on the edges of the screen

Bug Fixes

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  • Fixed a bug on Leopard that displayed junk pixels when the Loupe was at the screen's right edge
  • Fixed a bug creating new guides and frames when the menubar wasn't on the selected display
  • Using Ctrl+Wheel or ⌥⌘= to zoom no longer causes incorrect Dimensions and Loupe readings
  • Windows no longer become unresponsive after changing (adding or removing) screen configs
  • Turning off all menubar icons no longer leaves a gap if there is an item to the left of xScope
  • Fixed a bug that caused the toolbar to reset to the default position on multiple-monitor configs
  • New frames are now centered on the main display of multiple screens
  • Frames screenshots are no longer offset to the right if taken on a Mac with a 3 monitor setup
  • Fixed a bug where measuring the screen with Dimensions was 1 pixel off
  • Fixed a potential problem when using the crosshair on multiple screens
  • Fixed a problem that caused guides to shift on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
  • Toolbar can join all spaces (appears in all Mission Control screens) in Lion